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Second Chance Donuts Available!

Second Chance Donuts Available!

I love and hate the question, “What if?”

I love the question when I’m writing, drawing or crafting. So many possibilities. It feels really empowering. 

But I’m a worst-case scenario person and when you’re a writer, you can come up with some wild scenarios. Bless my friends who accept this foible of mine! When it comes to looking back on decisions, “What if?” can be pure poison — especially if each possible what-if is more dramatic or dire than the last. Maybe it’s the lack of answers that really stings?

Green billboard with white text "second chance just ahead" in front of a sunset.

This is why I love second chances. Deciding if a second chance is right for you is agony and complicated. A whole pageant of what-ifs may come to haunt you, but when things work out, it feels like magic. Even if things fall apart, at least you have an answer and that can be super healing. 

When I wrote Second Chance Donuts, I was really interested in the question of what success means when you get a second chance at love so I created the character Juniper Jones who ends up confronting her past pain points.

I hope you enjoy Second Chance Donuts, the first book in the Unity Falls series.

The novella is now available at your favorite book seller.



Cover of Second Chance Donuts by Cleo Croft. Vector art. Blue background. Title in yellow script in front of a large heart. A cartoon illustration of a tow truck pulls a giant pink donut.

By Cleo Croft

Cleo Croft writes contemporary romance stories with optimism and an appreciation of the ridiculous nature of life’s awkward moments. Her experiences travelling and living abroad brought home the importance of connecting with people and developing bonds. She writes stories about people looking for love and creating community and families of all types.

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