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Riley and the Love Jinx now available!

Riley and the Love Jinx now available!

Riley and the Love Jinx is now available at your favorite bookseller! I’m excited to share Book 2 in the Unity Falls series.

Behind the Scenes

The inspiration for this book came from wondering what would happen if your romantic life consisted of mortifying things happening to you. How would that change your attitude to romance and relationships? What makes it possible to trust people again after romantic disasters? That question alone could probably fuel several novels. 🤣

I enjoyed expanding my vision of Unity Falls. The first book in the series is Second Chance Donuts. In that book I had the idea of a donut shop in a small town that functioned as a community gathering place. I wanted to create a place that I’d want to live in and mixed in elements from different small towns I had experienced from Canada to Napa Valley, to Japan. If, or when, I will leave Tokyo, but I like to think I’d move to a small town like Unity Falls with a great donut shop, intriguing niche shops, lots of great people and space for my husband and I to walk our dog.

The Blurb for Riley and the Love Jinx

Book cover for Riley and the Love Jinx. A woman grasping a window sill hangs outside a building above a dumpster. A man leans against the wall watching.

Unlucky in love? Luck has nothing to do with it. Two things Riley Burnside learned: life is unfair and even the best plans go off the rails. Want to avoid drama? Reduce your risk and don’t take chances.

Shy, organized and intensely private, Riley is finally on the brink of getting all the security she craves. Then her love jinx shows up. When Ben Nichols appears, she knows her love life is about to turn upside down.

On the surface, it looks like everything works out for Ben Nichols. He may have money, but he’s looking for a place to call home. Starting a business in Unity seems like a good idea, and running into Riley Burnside, is the omen that he’s right. He’s never forgotten her but is he too late yet again? He knows where Riley is, drama is soon to follow. Life with Riley won’t be boring.

Riley and the Love Jinx is a right person, wrong time romance novel. Find out more about Unity Falls and the people who call it home in the second book in the Unity Falls series.


By Cleo Croft

Cleo Croft writes contemporary romance stories with optimism and an appreciation of the ridiculous nature of life’s awkward moments. Her experiences travelling and living abroad brought home the importance of connecting with people and developing bonds. She writes stories about people looking for love and creating community and families of all types.

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